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Pokemon Spectrum | by gogoatt

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Regarding the Battle of Legends competition


Slightly confused right now. Apparently according to the Pokemon Global Link website, the competition already started like half an hour ago I’m guessing.

But wasn’t it supposed to start tomorrow? 

Different timezone. It translates to about 8pm EST


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>> high resolution

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The “Nice Guy” tumblr blog description

I am a very nice person when you get to know me (WHEN YOU GET TO KNOW ME)….First impressions are important with me. If you act like a douche, then I will treat you as such. Remember that. Anyway, please enjoy my blog.

srs talk though am I the only waiting for Valka to say “you follow Rafiki, he knows the way!” in this scene? xD



People talking about Hyrule Warriors like it’s an official part of the series, when it’s really just a spin off title/cameo, like how when Link was included in Soul Caliber 2


I mean, I get it, it’s something new and it looks like the makers are doing a fabulous job with it, but it is by no…

Are you fucking kidding me?

How is making another Zelda game supposed to be a sign of some bad tidings for future Zelda games?  You are saying things like “Oh yeah, Link had a cameo in Soul Caliber 2”, and on the PS2 Heihachi was a bonus character slot because Tekken paid them to put him in???  But, this is a totally different level.  This isn’t some cameo, this is a whole game that you are neglecting to justify.

Like seriously, your bashing a game because they are trying something completely different, and you don’t like that.  Why not give it a chance, ya’ know, instead of calling out Shigeru Miyamoto out because he decided “Mmm, maybe trying something different for Zelda would give a different kind of course in the future?”

Who knows what will happen?  All I’m trying to say is don’t be this huge douche bag critic when, with the little to no details you have on a game, YOU CANNOT GIVE CRITICISM BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT PLAYED IT.

And that is all I’m going to say to the little haters out there, especially who I just reblogged.

"How is making another Zelda game supposed to be a sign of some bad tidings for future Zelda games?"

If you’d kindly point out where I ever said that, maybe I’ll actually bother reading the rest of your rant.


Epic Link cosplay from Legend of Zelda by Amouranth. Photos by Michael Shum.

I’m sorry I just really can’t get into this whole exclamation!point business when describing fandoms and such. It’s actually really difficult to take seriously, to be honest.